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I'm beginning to see that there is a game being played where cloud support is either "host inside our cloud at low cost (so we lock you in)" or "we will support your private cloud provided that it's huge like 5000 nodes and you pay for our premium support ~$5000/month"so where are the are the support options for OpenStack that aren't trying to play this game?

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If you think you are being ripped off, you have a couple of alternatives.

You can always "roll your own" cloud. Factor in the cost of the hardware, software development, administration, support, facilities etc. into your costs and see if you can do it for less. If you can figure out how to do this for significantly less than the going rate, you can always go into the provider business yourself.

Or you can ask for bids. Create a request for proposal that spells our your needs and contact businesses that can provide them and ask for competitive quotes.

Good luck!

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Every vendor plays this game.

If you go to an ordinary ISP, you can pay a few dollars per month and get a shared hosting package, where everyone shares the same hardware and you have little control over the environment. Or, you can pay a few hundred dollars per month, and they will give you your own machine, let you have full control over it, and provide support and backups.

Vendors can give you a shared account for less, because they can control the environment, and they get economies of scale. If you want them to build you a custom infrastructure, it's going to cost more.

As with all things, it really depends on what you want to do, how much you are willing to pay, and what tradeoffs you are willing to make.

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