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I have been preparing for scjp 6 since 2 weeks. Now I came to know about the OCA JP 7 and OCP JP 7 exams. Should I start preparing for OCA JP 7 or go ahead with OCP JP 6(formaly scjp 6)? Also I am currently referring SCJP 6 by Sierra and Bates.

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Just to make sure, this is just my opinion!

This is going to sound weird, I know, but to me you should not go for any, no really, I mean that. I am SCJP 6 Certified for over 3 years now, and honestly it has given me not that much. I did learn a few new things, but going for open-source projects, doing something from scratch yourself can give you a LOT more than a certification. Don't get me wrong, if you want to do it that much, then sure go ahead for the 7 version and NOT the 6, but if you have ideas of your own that you want to implement in whatever language, then I would suggest the second option.

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There is just a few new java language constructs in SE 7 and certification is still in beta phase. OCP is 'better' certification than OCA, so it depends.

I would recommend to pass "OCA, Java 7" and "OCP, Java 7". Cost for both is lower than for single "OCP, Java 6" and it is fresher. You just need to learn a new mechanisms in Java 7 which is not a rocket science ;) And there is another great profit of refreshment: all questions are going to be changed and revised, so passing certification is much more valuable than passing "OCP, Java 6" with all those shitty dump tests on the net, which depreciate the value of it to zero level...

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Indeed, the new exams area complete refresh, with things like java.util.concurrent actually being covered for the forst time as well as the new Java 7 material. If you are going to sit exams, go for the 7 ones. – Martijn Verburg Jan 29 '12 at 12:29
Actaully, I think the cost might vary by region. In mine, the total cost of taking the SCJP for Java 6 followed by the Java 7 upgrade exam is exactly the same as taking Java 7 Programmer 1 (Their OCA) followed by Java 7 Programmer 2. Both routes lead to equivalent levels of certification. This is subjective, but I think taking SCJP6 first is a bit better, as you end up with more to show for your efforts in the shortest amount of time. Also, the Bates preparation texts for Java 7 are not yet published. – 8bitjunkie Oct 3 '12 at 10:54