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Do you work contract projects in addition to your full-time job?

I currently work as a C++ developer full time (not a contract). I'm seeking extra opportunities outside of work. So far, I've been doing small gigs for people on sites like Craigslist or ODesk.com on the side for extra cash but they are just never lucrative enough.

My first question is ... is it possible to find a contract type position that will allow me to work outside of normal hours (i.e. evenings and weekends)? How would you even find a job like that? I'm also worried about potential conflicts of interest. If the contract was in a completely different field, is there any reason that I have to report this to my employer? Should I get the help of a recruiter to find these type of jobs?

If it's too difficult to find something like that ... where do you guys go to find extra work outside of your full time job? I know a lot of people do their own projects but I just don't have any of my own ideas for an iPhone app or anything like that. :P I have had the most luck with Craigslist in the past but there has to be better sites out there somewhere. Anyone willing to reveal the secret place? ;) Thanks!

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Its very hard. I looked into odesk and similar and came to the same conclusion. Your constantly undercut and those people in less developed countries can bid much lower than you.

The way to really stand out on sites like that is with a portfolio. Do some great work either working for the man or in an open source context. You will then start to win contracts despite bidding higher.

The other alternative is start your own company. Higher risk and requires more skills but has a much heigher potential reward.

Good luck!

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