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I just went to my first hackathon (London GreenHackathon) and I want to go to lots more. Specifically, hackathons that have a theme of helping people or making the world a better place in some way. I know about Random Hacks of Kindness and a couple of others but is there some central aggregator that will help me find out about hackathons?

Also, if anyone else can suggest specific hackathon initiatives I should check out that would be handy too.

I'm in London but obviously for other people reading this question other locations will be of interest.

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Meetup.com seems to be where lots of them are organized, I'd start there.

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Many Hackathons are usually organized by Hacker Spaces. The List of Hacker Spaces around the world will help you to find which are closer to your area.

PS: Added as an answer after op's request.

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Ok, here's a link to start us off:

One way to find hackathons is to search 'Lanyrd', the social conference directions, for the word 'Hack' see this link.

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In London follow https://twitter.com/#!/sicamp who both organise and promote such events. http://www.sicamp.org/

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Subscribe the twitter search page RSS where query is #hackathon. you'll get a lot of information in your feed. Once a hackathon is coming near, there are a lot of tweets.

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