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I am interested in learning some new programming languages and looking for the collection of short solutions for programming problems provided in different languages. The optimal format would be:

Problem description
Language A: .... (solution)
Language B: .... (solution) etc

It would be best if I could sort/filter the samples basing upon the languages and programming paradigms.

What I am currently doing is using the Project Euler and some other sites for programming contests where I first have to solve a problem on my own and then I can pick the examples in the languages I am interested in the forum thread of this particular problem. This is ok, but sometimes it is a somewhat too long way for me.

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SO , just search a problem in stackoverflow and put name of the language that you want in your query :-) –  Mona Feb 1 '12 at 22:06

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Rosetta Code is the first one which comes to my mind. Though I find it not very helpful, personally for me.

As to my practice, stating the problem and trying to dissect it to simplest task, and then trying to solve each simple task is indeed a good way to learn new language, but stackexchange actually influenced me more than any such resource.

share|improve this answer has a lot of challenges if you like that sort of things.

I like it because it compares efficiency between languages which can help you decide effectively on what language would be best for a given task.

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