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I would like to do some code review on the SVN repository used by our team.

For now, I've used Eclipse: show log on trunk, click on a revision and "Compare" to see the changes. The diff renders great, but the navigation isn't practical IMO.

I'm looking for a tool that could enable code reviewing with "diffs", but with an easy navigation in the changes. For example, being able to filter/exclude commits based on their names/patterns, show commits of a user, show changes since last tag, maybe watch commits on sensitive files, etc...

An Eclipse plugin would be the best, as I could still use functionalities such as Ctrl+click on methods/classes. But any suggestion in welcomed.

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CodeCollaborator has SVN integration. –  Guy Sirton Jul 14 '12 at 4:25

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Have a look at the open source Reitveld code review tool (http://code.google.com/p/rietveld). It can use several revision control systems to generate diffs for review (including SVN). It was based on Google's internal code review tool Mondrian (which uses a proprietary revision control system so couldn't be open source directly). Gerrit, mentioned by android.weasel in a comment, is also closely related, but is more tightly tied to using git as the revision control system.

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AgileReview is one I had tried out sometime back and currently at our work environment we started using Atlassian Crucible (can try it out but pricey) until not many people started using eventually and again started to use their own Eclipse and IntelliJ and SVN combination diffs which are also great. Mind you Crucible also has some handy features and displays changes clearly and distinctively on most cases.

However I also did a quick search on programmers and found a question on Stack Overflow, which I believe is also useful and references AgileReview too.

A quick search also revealed JCR, but I haven't used it, so I cannot comment on it.

You may also be interested by Getting Started with Crucible.

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When I investigated it last, Crucible did not support the sort of effortless pre-commit code review with auto-commit to SVN we wanted (essentially, something about as easy and secure as Git/Gerrit when Git's feeling friendly). IDE plug-ins make 'patch review' relatively easy, but the round-trip isn't closed so developers can sneak unreviewed changes in. –  android.weasel Jun 27 '12 at 14:08

don't know if you still need it, but there is a good tool called Review Assistant and it's tots free, so may be you should try it.

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Seem to only work with Visual Studio –  Matthieu Napoli Jul 13 '12 at 14:51
would you mind explaining more on what it does and why do you recommend it as answering the question asked? "Link-only answers" are not quite welcome at Stack Exchange –  gnat Sep 19 '13 at 7:09

Take a look at Crucible, which is purpose-built for code reviews. (I have no connection to Atlassian other than having used some of their other tools.) Crucible works with Subversion and a number of other popular version control tools.

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