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I am a fairly recent grad and have been working for over a year now in software development. I would like to get a couple of professionally recognised exams on my CV. I am currently looking at Oracle certified java programmer. But are there any others that would look good and people would recommend?

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Hi BON, Programmers isn't a career advice site: we really can't tell you what you should aim for because we don't know you. If you're interested in the general value of certifications, check out this question. –  user8 Feb 10 '12 at 19:22

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In general when looking at a CV people hiring look for the following:

  • Experience. What have you done already in the work place.
  • Skills What is it that you know and can work with.
  • Other Projects What Software projects have you contributed to like Open Source Projects, etc.

When you are talking about certifications and there have been a lot of discussions on the topic. See this list. There are generally very few that add to your marketability as a candidate because they are simply describing your ability to take exams rather then solve problems.

So keeping that in mind I would have just one question to ask: If you are a recent grad have you tried getting a job through your Universities placement office (if you had one)? Companies do try to hire people directly from schools.

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+1 for Open Source projects –  Nick Nikolaou Feb 10 '12 at 14:13

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