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A few weeks ago I saw a story about a master app designer showing how he worked with good old pen and paper to do effective prototyping before writing code. I'm unable to dig up that story (and I think it was a video) but if you could recommend any other useful resources I'd appreciate them. I know roughly what I want to build, but want a useful framework for thinking about how the screens should flow together. The app I want to build is for the iOS platform, but I think the video might have been about creating a web app. Thanks!


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Well that is a pretty broad question. But I think that you looking for storyboarding ( wire framing for the web). Using xcode's storyboard is a great way to lay out your application. There are a number of resources. I recommend you looking up Stanford's cs193p ios programming course.


This is a free lib for iOS apps prototyping: http://www.alterplay.com/ios-dev-tips/2012/04/prototyping-ios-applications.html It's based on Axure framework.


I believe the video you are looking for is http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Fast-Easy-Usability-Tricks-for-Big-Product-Improvements.

He argues to not use coded prototypes because the testers can't change them. And that changes the whole thing, if people can't change things they behave differently.