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Which (if either) of the below is the more conventional/acceptable way to structure packages in a J2EE app? I'm trying to follow an MVC pattern as much as possible.

  • foo.bar.users
    • foo.bar.users.servlets
    • foo.bar.users.DAO
    • foo.bar.users.Entity
  • foo.bar.orders
    • foo.bar.orders.servlets
    • foo.bar.orders.DAO
    • etc...


  • foo.bar.DAO
    • foo.bar.DAO.users
    • foo.bar.DAO.orders
    • ...
  • foo.bar.servlets
    • foo.bar.servlets.users
    • foo.bar.servlets.orders
    • ...
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Hi Chris C, naming/organization recommendations are off-topic here: the only thing that matters is agreement amongst your team. –  user8 Feb 22 '12 at 9:02

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I prefer the second option, for me it have more sense to store package as the architeture model (MVC) and not favour an arrangement based on your specific application logic.

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