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Clean code recommends to name methods to be a verb, and classes to be a noun.

I am developing an c++ application using boost::signal as some kind of event framework, and have defined various events, but naming them to make the code cleaner seems to be problematic.

So, how to name event types?

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Other naming options may include:

Format 1: On[Objectname][DetailedEventName]




Format 2: On[DetaieldConditionName]




Other posts related to this: StackOverFlow-EventNames

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Hehe defnitly the better way :-) – Smokefoot Feb 27 '12 at 11:53

Robert C. Martin mentioned that your names have to be meanful and searchable. It should be a verb or a verb phrase. So from my point of view I would allways clarify that this method is a event by building a verb phrase.

Some examples could be: - SaveEvent() - RenderEvent() - CloseEvent()

Whit this format I am allways able to find the Event-Method. I know exactly that this method is a event and I dont need to seach for some points that let me know that this method is a event.

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