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I have been working on building a sample application to add to my portfolio (for freelancing). I am working on building a Shopping website using ASP.Net MVC. My question is - what are the good features of a portfolio? Is it to showcase your coding skills (by developing everything from scratch?) or using open-source shopping cart such as nopcommerce to quickly build soemthing that works and is fool-proof?) I am confused as to which direction to proceed. Kindly guide me. Also, what are the good features to add in my site? As I mentioned earlier, this is an ASP.Net MVC application.

Thanks in advance.

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its 2013 now, have you developed any portfolio? please share link. i am keen to see it live and take some inspiration. –  chintan123 Apr 24 '13 at 13:56

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Interesting question. What would a development portfolio look like? I'd say contributing to Open Source projects (check out code52 for a neat idea of starting a new open source project every week) would be a good way to showcase your code. The other way is through a blog. Creating your own set of libraries for others to use would be great. Writing an article either on code project or with a major tech journal would be a good notch as well. The granddaddy of them all of course would be writing a book. No better way to get visibility and give people a go to reference of your skills than to have a published book. (Still working on that myself...)

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Thanks Mike for taking the time to answer. Appreciate it. –  arty_s Feb 28 '12 at 16:19

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