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I have been told about a position that may be open to me - the role of a Software Delivery Manager. From what I understand this role does not already exist within my organisation.

To be perfectly honest I'm not quite sure what a Software Delivery Manager's roles are. I have a few ideas and would appreciate some input around whether they are correct or not, or if there is anything missing:

  • ensure the quality of the software being delivered
  • document the relationships between the components being delivered
  • ensure that the delivery of these components does not break other components
  • ensure that the components being developed make the best use of the environments they are being deployed in
  • being on-hand during software deliveries (though not actually performing the delivery of software, rather giving the Go)

I have also been told that the role would include some software development work (which is important to me being a developer at heart!) - is there software development specifically associated with the role of Software Delivery Manager or is this more likely to just be a case of helping the team out when time is short?

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Why don't you ask people who created such position? –  BЈовић Mar 7 '12 at 12:39
I'm wondering if this is a reasonably standard position (like Project Manager) or if this is something that they've created internally. I've not found much online. –  Rich Mar 7 '12 at 12:40
Sounds like a mix of development lead and project manager. Makes sense for small companies –  BЈовић Mar 7 '12 at 13:10
Like @VJovic said, it does sound like a mix -- a little project manager, a little development lead, and I'd throw in a little release manager. In fact, it might very well be analogous to just a "release manager" in other companies. A quick Google for "software delivery manager", "technical delivery manager", and "release manager" should give you a good cross-section of expected job tasks. –  jcmeloni Mar 7 '12 at 13:27

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Ensuring that Deliveries of correct Software On Time to all customers

Ans 1: Check with them

Check with them the actual requirement of the role. Many a times things varies. Also, specifically ask them, who you will report to and whom will report you.

Usually, it is wrong thing to ask - whether it is technical role! For many HR, even deciding which computer to buy is a technical role! So rather have a meeting (or have a call) with some one who is actually going to be your potential boss.

Ans 2: My view (subject to be incorrect)

Generally, i have seen this in services companies but much less in product companies. The description you gave is more in line of what is considered tech lead of the project.

Usually, a project manager (and tech lead) is mostly responsible to execute a given product phase or project as per spec. This is almost same for Product companies as well as services companies. The account manager usually keeps track of all deliveries

The service delivery manager/head is whom all these project managers report to. In services companies i worked for, there was a delivery head which reviews that deliveries to the customers are with proper standards and time lines and more with customer satisfaction. So he will review all plans being made and review that people are moving or stuck and do they have correct clarity.

Further, one should be ensuring that there is alignment between longer term goals of customers and the capability, processes and performance of various teams is meeting it. It also requires him/her to realign processes, plan recruitment, extend infrastructure to keep up the show.

In product companies, usually the goals of deliveries of various products (with prioritized order) is set internally by product strategy and essentially, there is a program manager which delivers similar value as delivery managers.

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I was once on a project that had a Software Delivery Manager and this person mostly acted as a Project Lead and Software Configuration Manager. Each time we did a push to production, she made sure all documentation was in order including design document changes, requirements document changes, etc and that the changes being put in production had been properly tested with all accompanying documentation. She also made sure all new code had been pushed to the central repository.

She did absolutely no software development, but controlled the schedule and led all meetings. She set the agendas for the meetings and assigned actions throughout.

So, as the Software Deliver Manager, the software project was "her baby" and that's why I think of it as another name for a Software Project Manager.

I don't think you should expect to do much in the way of actual software development in this role. It's usually more of an administrative role.

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A typically Software Delivery Manager Roles & Responsibility, is vary from company to company.

But as a general, it would be -

  1. Build and Manage the software project
  2. Manage Escalations
  3. Develop process and technologies across practices based on Fixed cost and Time and Material basis.
  4. Project Technical Lead solution.
  5. Helping on Business Process Improvement.
  6. People Management/performance appraisal.
  7. Ensure Customer success
  8. all documentation (Release note, demo script, WSR, design document changes, requirements document changes)
  9. Manages team
  10. Invoice and billing of project

So basically it is depends on projects, team and company.


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it looks like you simly state your personal opinion, do you have anything substantial to back it up? –  gnat Dec 27 '13 at 11:19
gnat, as i mentioned it is not my personal opinion, but yes it is based on my exposure, my knowledge, I know couple of delivery manager, I worked with them closely. –  Rakesh Jan 23 '14 at 5:59

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