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I recently did a little "tool roundup": If I were to program a website in Scala and Coffeescript, what frameworks would I go for?

I came across this great presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/mraible/html5-with-play-scala-coffeescript-and-jade-devoxx-2011

The only problem is that I couldn't find a complete version with commentary. Thus I'm left wondering: Why would anyone combine Scalate and Jade ?

The presentation is very inspiring and refers to a lot of interesting resources. Nevertheless there's little information how they get along. I always thought both Jade and Scalate were essentially a way to dynamically generate HTML5 and in fact shared the same "territory".

my question: What are the benefits of using both Scalate and Jade ?

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Jade is a format, Scalate is a tool that supports it. I'm going to direct you to another presentation, James Strachan Keynote Presentation at Scala Exchange 2011 (Skills Matter). It does an excellent job of introducing Scalate, and goes into Jade in some detail.

Ah, and Scalate can combine Jade with Markdown, FTW.

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