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I've been using Less.app lately to automatically minify CSS and compile it from LESS to CSS immediately when I save a LESS source file. It seems like an obvious thing, but I can't find a tool that does the same thing for JavaScript.

Does such a tool exist?

Desired features:

  • I'm on OSX, but a cross-platform solution (e.g. using Adobe AIR) would also be acceptable.
  • Leave it running minimized/hidden, automatically watches specified folder for changes (no button clicking necessary)
  • Installing NodeJS/python/php/etc is a non-starter. Must be totally self-contained.
  • Especially interested if it will automatically combine all of the files from the same directory.
    • Either sorting based on filename so that I can name them "1.library.js", "2.framework.js", "3.app.js", etc, or...
    • Allow setup of manual sorting
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Why are you minifying and combining in dev? Doesn't that make debugging a royal pain? Also, it might be counter productive. The browser caches umchanged files. So if user has downed jquery from off googles cdn from one of a kajillion other sites, your combining it into a unique file off your domain increases load time. –  DanielEli Mar 23 '12 at 4:14
I'm not actually interested in combining jQuery, it was just for the purposes of explaining that order is important. And you're right about minifying in dev. That's why I have the minified output go to ".min.js" so that I can choose which to include on my page. –  Adam Tuttle Mar 23 '12 at 12:59
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Codekit, on the same website works well for me, and I started with the Less app.


Does image optimisation as well as Less and JS, the browser reload feature works really well.

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