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Is a Front-End Web Developer a “Programmer”?

Is it accurate to classify web designers as programmers? Should they be classified as such?

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Well it depends. If the web designer is strictly a designer, working within Photoshop, than they are not a programmer.

If they code their designs in HTML & CSS, I'd still say they aren't a programmer or even a web developer.

If they know how to write JavaScript and use it for adding interactivity to their designs, than you could consider them a programmer, but not a web developer.

If they can write PHP and code their designs in HTML + CSS, I'd say they are a programmer, but not necessarily a web developer (Depends on their understanding of various other topics related to programming).

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No, web designers aren't necessarily programmers. Web developers on the other hand, designers or not, are arguably (and usually) programmers, irrefutably so if they use any server-side language or a scripting language.

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