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Is there a tool that allows to query files based on the following criteria, and change them?

  • creation date
  • filenames (e.g. filetypeA_YYYYMMDD_data2.blah)
  • file content

For the example, the workflow could be the following one:

  • Get all files created between date x and date y, where the filename contains z and the file itself contains value x under column zzz.
  • Update it to be a different value/another column.
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Your best bet would be to use something like SSIS to pull them into SQL Server. Or even to import the files into access.

There are a number of ways to query the filesystem but those won't understand the data structures within the CSV to query them. Updating that is an even more difficult trick -- the file might look like a database table but that doesn't mean it can "think" like one.

If you wanted to be crazy, you could try the ODBC text driver and see how far it gets ya.

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+1 For being crazy to use the ODBC text driver. –  Core.B Mar 19 '12 at 20:28

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