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how do you remember programming related stuff?

So, I've found myself, after several years of coding (I consider myself a coder, rather than a programmer) full of links and loose snippets and coding tips, all dispersed across the web. In such way it is barely usable, even when every bit is important or interesting. I thought of simply storing the links in delicious or something alike, but it's not really the links I want to keep, I just need the succinct info.

So I was thinking to use some web app, something like a wiki, maybe much more simple, so I could access it though my mobile if I need it. I could code it, but as I stated it before, I'm more of a code monkey, and I'm sure my solution would be far from decent.

Can anyone give me recommendations on this?

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This sounds like a great learning opportunity for you to build one yourself. –  Jeremy Heiler Mar 21 '12 at 21:58
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Personally I use Evernote for this sort of thing -- the web clipper is great and I've got the ability to read it everywhere. It works great on just about all major mobile platforms at this point with native apps and the html5 version isn't shabby. It is definitely the way to fly.

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+1: I use Evernote across Windows, OSX and Android for all sorts of things, including code snippets. It works great. –  Peter K. Mar 22 '12 at 13:31
Yeah, for a multi-platform, multi-device guy like myself it is critical -- I've always got everything anywhere. –  Wyatt Barnett Mar 23 '12 at 11:51
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I used Connected Text. It's a personal wiki system. You have the option of using it on a desktop as a standalone application or the ability to put it on a flash drive and keep it with you (I use the desktop version).

I also use Evernote as a web clipper, but I use Connected Text as my notes "brain". Evernote's organization and linking of info is not great. I would love it, if it were more like a wiki.

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Would something like this be useful? It is a code review/presentation tool called Reviewlead.

The tool allows you to centralize all your code snippets. In addition:

  • you can add comments to the code snippets, and
  • you can make code snippets private or public.

It is very easy in use. There's a sandbox available (username/password = sandbox).

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Why do you think the tool would be useful? Can you expand your answer to explain more. –  ChrisF Mar 22 '12 at 12:31
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