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I am working on MVC3 application. I use entity framework, NInject, Fluent Validation and some more Nuget packages. I am using Tortoise SVN for versioning.

Recently I changed the structure of my SVN repository, so my working copy of MVC3 app was moved to some different folder in the repository.

Now when I checked out the copy from SVN, all the references that I had added through Nuget were lost(EF, NInject and rest nuget packages were showing yellow missing icon in references). This had happened to me prior to this also, when I tried to check out the app from svn to some other folder. I had to manually add all the references again through Nuget again. Am I doing anything wrong?

Please guide. I hope I could explain my problem properly.

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Are you checking in the NuGet packages to SVN?

If you are you might want to consider using package restore, which will pull down any missing NuGet packages on build.

From the package manager console.

Install-Package NuGetPowerTools 

Then you just need to check in the contents of the newly created .nuget folder.

Then anytime you checkout to another directory, you just need to build to get the packages needed for your project.

Reference http://blog.davidebbo.com/2011/08/easy-way-to-set-up-nuget-to-restore.html

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No, I am not checking in Nuget Packages to SVN. I am checking in just the package.config file. Will try this solution. Thanks for the answer. –  Pravin Patil Apr 5 '12 at 10:02
If you are not checking in the packages and you haven't done PackageRestore then that explains why you are missing the references when you check out a copy of the repository. –  Chris Diver Apr 5 '12 at 11:19
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Lucky for you, you don't have to commit the libraries/packages in your sourcecontrol system anymore. Davit Ebbo has written a nice blogpost about this 'new' feature.

To sum it up, you only have to commit the package.config. Once you have done so, you can install all the libraries/packages with this command:

X:\MySolutionInANewFolder>nuget i MySolution\packages.config -o Packages

This will install all the packages from the package.config in the Packages folder, which lives beneath the solution folder.

I needed to do this task myself, today, so I've tried it out. It appears the commandline tool used in the blogpost doesn't work properly on my machine. Lucky for us, the NuGet team has created something called 'NuGet Package Restore' functionality. I'm trying it out right now, but it has timed out. Hopefully it will work soonish.

Last edit:

The combination of both seemed to do the trick.

First, click the 'NuGet Package Restore' option on the solution file. (make sure you don't have too much solutions loaded, otherwise it'll time out (internal server error 500).

Second, run the command nuget i ..\YourProjectFolder\packages.config -o ..\Packages from the new .nuget folder. Your packages will get installed in the Packages folder on the same level as YourProjectFolder. This has worked for me now.

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