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how do you remember programming related stuff?

During my work experiences, I always met many kind of blocking problems with different technologies. When I remember the efforts I spent to find the solutions I become frustrated and want to find a way to keep all in mind.

Generally I keep all the project I made in my Hard Drive, and I usually reuse them when I encounter a problem i already encountered. But this is not to really efficient when you reopen your own code and say: Who is the sucker who wrote this code!?

I'm thinking to make my own website in which I can post some tutorials / articles about the problems I met and their solutions. So I keep all in mind and help community.

Do you think that it will be a good idea or just a loss of time regarding the actual programming forums?

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I m using EverNote to store some solutions :) – Michal Franc Apr 6 '12 at 10:03
Keep a notebook. Just like scientists do. An actual paper notebook has the advantage of being portable and available when you need it. – Gilbert Le Blanc Apr 6 '12 at 12:55

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Starting your own website (blog) to remember issues you've had or things you've figured out is a great idea. It's the same reason many of us have a blog.

The plusside of having a blog is you also help others who face the same problems that you have already solved. This way you are also helping other developers.

It's also a great medium to advertise your knowledge on certain subjects, which can help you a bit in your resume (when searching for a job for example). Though, this shouldn't be the main reason to write something on a website.

If you are writing customer/project specific stuff, perhaps it's wise to write it in on an intranet, or something like that. Most customers don't like to have their sourcecode spread on the WWW.

You shouldn't be scared of 'poluting' the internet, because if you create good posts, you are actually enriching the internet with great articles. There are some tips on writing blog articles for the public. I'm sure you can find more, but it's a start.

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