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This question is similar to Choosing a functional programming language.

I want to learn functional programming but I am having troubles choosing the right programming language. At the university I studied Haskell for 2 months, so I have a basic idea of what a functional language is.

I have read a lot that functional programming change your way of think. I started to take a look to Clojure, which I like for several reasons(code as data, JVM, etc). What stops me from continue learning Clojure is that it is not a pure functional language and I am afraid of ending up using imperative/OO style.

Should I learn Haskell or keep on learning Clojure?

Thanks in advance

P.D: I am open to any other language.

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If you've tried both and prefer Clojure, stick with Clojure. Idiomatic Clojure is very functional, so even if your code isn't "pure" you will be getting the benefits of learning how to approach a problem from a functional perspective.

Also, there is nothing wrong with going back to Haskell after you have some Clojure experience. They are both great languages.

On a side note, you should check out if you haven't already. Its a fun way to learn the language.

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It depends. What are your goals for learning a language ?

If you want to find a job easily and start earning money now - you should learn JavaScript. Its the assembler of the web. Language, which is used in browsers, apps, os scripts, server engines. Its Functional and its Object-oriented at the same time. Its very flexible, and "with great power comes great responsibility", so in order to write complex solutions in it - you need high level of general programming skill.

If you want to improve your skill with functional programming or don't like curly brackets and other "warts" like absence of tail-recursion, generics and other cool things. You can stick to Clojure, Scheme or Haskel. (and eventually you might earn more money, than a javascript guys do)

Remember - language is just a tool.

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If you want to learn a functional programming language, just for the purpose of learning functional programming, I would definitely suggest continuing with Haskell. Haskell is one of the most popular and well supported languages of that type. It also has a great tutorial, LYAH: Which you can read online, completely free or buy.

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