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I'm playing with Go and run into something I'm unable to find in Google, although there is certainly something that exists:

I'm using the following struct:

type Syntax struct {
  name string
  extensions *regexp.Regexp

type Scanner struct {
  classifier * bayesian.Classifier
  save_file string
  name_to_syntax  map[string] *Syntax
  extensions_to_syntax  map[*regexp.Regexp] *Syntax

I'd like to perform the following using Go and I'm quoting ruby because it's how I'd do that using ruby:

test_regexpes = my_scanner.extensions_to_syntax.keys

My goal is to get an array of *regexp.Regexp .

Any idea on how to do that in a simple way ?

Thank you !

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Maybe a better question for SO. For example, I think http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1841443/iterating-over-all-the-keys-of-a-golang-map is close to what you want. The only thing missing from that answer is allocating the slice. Here are the two parts together,

testRegexps := make(*regexp.Regexp, len(myScanner.extensionsToSyntax))
i := 0
for k := range myScanner.extensionsToSyntax {
    testRegexps[i] = k
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