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I would know if someone can suggest a good approach to convert a word document that contains forms in a web app, specifically in an application built with WaveMaker.(but I'm curious also with a general approach not strictly dependent on the technology that I have mentioned). For example, if I have a page in a word document, that maps the fields of a user entity, what could be my "programmer approach" to convert it without much use of copy-paste, but with a dynamic methodology ?

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What platform are you running your web-app on? If it's WaveMaker (or other java-based) server, look at apache POI. A .NET solution would be a possible way to go if your platform supports it. – Matthew Flynn Apr 11 '12 at 20:51
After read the word document with apache POI, according to you, can be used a code generator ? – carlo Apr 11 '12 at 21:16
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Apache POI is a set if libraries providing a Java API for working with Microsoft-type documents. It's not going to code-generate anything for you (or be generated), but you might be able to build a service around POI that your web app could then use to pull the fields out of your documents.

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