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I am reading about requirements analysis as a stage of requirements engineering. I have been having difficulties finding a clear list of the tasks in which the requirements analysis is in charge of. In the whole process of requirements engineering, where does requirements analyst role begin and where it end?

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There rarely is a single "Requirements Analyst" position. This is mostly done by either "Business Analysts" or in more Agile processes by the Developers.

Requirements Analysis usually takes place after Requirements Elicitation or Gathering. It means structuring and checking the "raw" list of requirements. It can also mean scoping and cutting down the list. Prioritisation and logical coherence checking should be performed as well. Just be aware of the danger of analysis-paralysis, i.e. trying to understand every single requirement in full detail even though it might not be possible and thus never actually going into the design phase. Also be aware not to impose design restrictions in this phase as the requirements documentation should be agnostic of the actual implementation.

In traditional processes the resulting artefact of the Requirements Analysis is a full Software Requirements Specification (SRS, e.g. IEEE 830). Use Case diagrams, Entity-Relationship Models or other models are usually devised in that phase.

In iterative/incremental processes Requirements Analysis is performed during each iteration and usually less document heavy.

A good book on that topic is Karl Wiegers' Requirements Engineering (2).

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Ok actually I red the book before, and after your respond i gave it a look again ( Page 50), so let me see if i got it right, someone will elicit the data, the analyst will prioritize, probably using some modeling like use case and ... and coming out with the details, and it will end here? so verification, the risk analysis, quality and other plans are not his tasks? –  user363295 Apr 13 '12 at 10:14
If you read the book, my answer is probably to broad. Verification is what I described as coherence checking. Risk analysis should be part of the prioritisation or vice versa. The problem is, the process can be very different for different process models. So unless you know roughly which approach is followed by the organisation in question, it is very hard to answer it specifically. –  Jules Apr 13 '12 at 10:17
Ok, I believe finally i got the answer, so it depends on the method that we are using,and the company's approach, THANKS A LOT, it really helped. –  user363295 Apr 13 '12 at 10:24

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