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We have a big collection of java (80%) and .Net (20%) apps.. And the people in charge want a way to monitor the applications somehow. So they told me they are interested in AppDynamics? I have spent a bit looking into it but I still don't get it. Can someone tell me what its about ?

From my understanding it seems like you would someone inject the AppDynamics API in your code to tell about differnt events that occur? So sounds like Event Viewer ? I am on the .NET side of this and seems to me we can just write data to a log and report off of that data.. I don't get what the additional complexity of using'AppDynamics' does. Maybe it is overkill ??

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Full disclosure. I work as an engineer at AppDyanmics. Our agent dynamically instruments the bytecode in the .CLR or JVM. For example we recognize standard .NET and Java implementations suchs .aspx, WCF, PONOs on .NET and JSP/Servlets, POJOS, Struts, JMS, Web Services, RMI. WE are able to tag and follow across JVM .CLR boudaries. In addition we do ALL of this monitoring in PRODUCTION with VERY VERY low overhead.



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I got the high level point.. but can you answer my dumbed down answers... Or is there a video that goes.. here is a simple .net app.. here is what you do to make appDynamics aware of it.. here is how you monitor ir.. Ill go ahead and browse the videos.. I just need to see what using this means as far as a .net coder day to day work –  punkouter Apr 16 '12 at 10:19

Like Hugh, I am also an engineer at AppDynamics, and I work exclusively on the .NET version of our product. Since you are a developer, I highly recommend our free .NET Lite tool which we just released:

It gives you a good flavor of what Hugh is talking about, and allows you to evaluate our product in a no-strings-attached manner. The install takes less than 2 mins, and the following video shows how to do it:

Finally, if you want to try the Pro version, just request a 30-day free trial and we will be happy to send you a trial license.


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BTW, a video showing the basic capabilities of the Lite product is here -- try getting this kind of information by writing data to logs and using Event Viewer! (In other words, you can't...) If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to post it on our forum below -- we monitor those continuously: –  Murali Vajapeyam May 27 '12 at 15:08

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