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Let's say you have an .mp3 file. A few of the attributes I would like to find out is like the bass, when the bass is loud, quiet, strong, soft and when it is all those things.

Is there any way of doing this or is there anything similar to this?

EDIT: also I'm not bothered about which code, I'm just interested in what is the easiest way to do this

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what API do you use? what language / framework / library? –  gnat Apr 26 '12 at 12:00
Just anything realy, maby if it is possible java but I'm realy not bothered. –  Nicholas Apr 26 '12 at 12:02

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Sure, but MP3 is compressed pretty well, which means that few of these things can be read off the raw data - they are basically 'white noise' with respect to patterns. So you probably won't get around first decoding the MPEG stream and then measuring whatever it is that you want to measure. That means that you should look around for an MPEG decoding library for whatever platform you use, and a measuring/Fast Fourier Transform/sound analysing library on top of that.

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