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I'm using Symfony2 PHP framework to build a product. I got most of the features working and a satisfied client. Now I have to maintain this project. So I was wondering, is understanding how the framework works under the hood and how it handles requests really important to not run in troubles in the future? Also, which parts of the framework, that I should wrap into my head?

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Btw, you can check Fabien's blog to learn how Sf2 works. He has a series of blog posts showing how to build a framework with Sf2 components, describing how each component works. – Hakan Deryal Apr 27 '12 at 21:06

From personal experience I would say that it is vital that at some point in time you dedicate the effort in learning how your framework of choice ticks. Having this deeper understanding will prevent you from making bad design choices, increase your ability to manage errors and most importantly allow for significant growth as a developer. I have spent numerous hours learning not only how to use frameworks but also how they were built.

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Yeah it's important for understanding about core file of frameworks do. You can learn about pattern design as well when you look deeper into core code. It would be difficult but after you understand it, yeah you're awesome man, maybe you can build / develop CMS system core and bring it into web. as @Jacob said: It will spent numerous hours and make headache.

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