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I need to be familiar with at least the basics of using powershell to configure sharepoint solutions and their user accounts over the next couple of weeks.

Would general powershell learning resources differ much from those more sharepoint-specific? Or is powershell powershell? i.e. is the syntax pretty similar whether it's for configuring sharepoint or used for other purposes?

Also, does anybody have links to recommended pdfs for such reading? (I'll be looking myself now anyway, but it's worth asking in case any of you have an ebook that has helped you personally.)

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PowerShell for SharePoint behaves like PowerShell ;-) I think there are some similaries to C#. So you are able to do alot with powershell, mostly you can do everything you want with powershell.

I have learned powershell too. It wasn't so hard, cause I am a developer and it was quite easy learning the syntax of PowerShell.

But the main question is how you should begin learning. I would recommend that you are reading this MSDN resource first.

After that I would recommend you to install PowerShell ISE, which is a little bit more handy than the typical powershell ide. When you have done this all, I would say: learn by example. There will be always some topics you have to work for and there are so many resources, you just have to google for it.

So try learning by doing, thats the best hind I could give you!

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powershell is powershell.

The sharepoint aspects will simply be additional objects / extensions that you can access from within powershell.

Start with the general tutorials so you can understand it, and then delve into the SP specific objects.

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