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I am a software engineer on a large company and I love what I do. However, I feel that on the long run I would like to become a teacher on these subjects, not exactly a classic uni teacher, but more like giving workshop/seminars for professional software developers.

Any advice about stuff that I could start doing now to achieve that (in let's say 5 years), would be extremely useful.

I live in London, UK, if that helps ...

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These days, at least in Canada, organizations are not paying as much to train employees as they used to do in the past. The demand or Trainers has declined, opportunities for teaching without certifications are slim to none. Most of the training is done at universities or colleges and usually demands higher degrees. If you search job sites for the word "MCT" (MS Certified Trainer) you'll find very few jobs. Training may work if you started delivering courses for specialized products like SAP, Oracle Financials and such. In any rate some Train the Trainer and adult training eduction could help. –  Emmad Kareem May 5 '12 at 22:23

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  • Continue reading books, blogs, articles on various Software Engineering topics like the phases of Software Development Life Cycle, refactoring, architecture, construction etc.

  • At office, take 15 minutes every working day after lunch and share a topic you have learned recently with your team / colleagues. I love doing this!

  • Charity begins at home. Arrange a workshop at office on a topic you are studying. When I was learning Design Patterns, I took an initiative to discuss 2 patterns per week among my team members. When I was reading "Effective C++", I used to discuss one item a day.

  • Universities may invite guest lecturers. Use your links of friends, colleagues to avail opportunities. Otherwise, approach the university authority yourself.

  • Do not leave software industry altogether to take up teaching profession. This may detach you from the practical aspects of latest developments in software industry.

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You could try giving free weekend/occasional sessions to training institutes/colleges etc. will give you more confidence and help you understand what is teaching to today's students.

If you can handle that consistently for some months, you are can then check how you can earn a living of it.

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Pick a niche. Be the best in your niche. Watch the opportunities roll in.

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Or realize that not enough people care to be trained in that niche. –  Donal Fellows May 5 '12 at 16:53

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