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I have loaded a .RAW file into a 2x2 array in my class. The way I am rendering it works fine but I am struggling to get the camera to move on top of the terrain. The terrain renders from 0,0,0 (x,y,z) as that is where I put my camera. My camera class allows to the "camera" to move through the scene.

I want to be able to "walk" on top of the terrain with some basic collision detection (if possible). Any tips on where to go for this or any tips?

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the Game Dev SE site might be able to provide you with some good links. You could ask the moderators to migrate this question there: – FrustratedWithFormsDesigner May 7 '12 at 15:54

If one assumes that (0, 1, 0) is the vector that poins to the sky, a collision occurs, when the terrains height at the cameras X and Z coordinates is greater or equal to the Y coordinate of the camera. The next thing is, the camera needs gravity to stick at the ground.

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