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I am developing this Android game (Technology wise 3D with OpenGLES2 and shaders, some nice AI with http://www.steeringbehaviors.de/ ) during my free time.

The goal is to launched in the "Android Market" and apply for a mobile game development company.And during the interview to show my "game project".

I was wondering if the company is not game company ,but a mobile development one ,is it still okay to show it even if they didn't ask about it ?

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Show things that show that you have passion, enthusiasm, and want to follow difficult things down peculiar rabbit-holes.

After all - during an interview they will be trying to find somebody who is capable, enthusiastic, curious, competent....

You get the idea.

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If something shows off your skills, use it

If you apply for a job at a bank, you wouldn't hide your experience in programming microcontrollers or logistics solutions, so why hide a mobile game from a mobile company?

Just make sure you don't derogate your accomplishments by eccessively calling it "hobby project", if you do it with your professional skillset, it's as much a valid project as most employeers projects.

That doesn't mean you should lie about that, just don't focus on the "hobbyness", focus on the project's merits.

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I think being able to show actual proof that you can develop real software is always useful. It certainly can't hurt.

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Yap.Showing effort is always better then talk.

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First, ask yourself: Does it matter to work in a company which feels disesteem for your hobby? If so, show your project. Then, you will see whether you want to work there.

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Only if they ask you about your hobby projects. Don't shoe horn it in - I'd find that weird Don't just bring it up with no relevant prompting, if you speak for fifteen mins abotu a project no one has asked you about it won't look good. The employer will have questions they want to ask fit around them not the other way around.

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Most interviews i experienced started with a general "please tell us something about yourself", which seemed to be made to include acomplishments. In this context, i wouldnt find it "shoehorning" to talk about hobby projects, if one considers them an accomplishment –  keppla May 31 '12 at 13:38

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