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I'm interested in joining the iOS dev program in order to submit my applications to the app store, however i'm having a hard time finding an explicit list of benefits you get by signing up, at the moment i've only found about the obvious ones:

  • you can submit apps to the app store

  • you can sign in the developer forums

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  • you can build your apps for the device and test it on the device
  • you can distribute apps for betatesting to 100 devices if you have their UDID

Don't underestimate that the iOS simulator is just an simulator an not an emulator! There can be bugs or problems on the device which run fine in the simulator. Always test on the device too!

This combined with the only legal way (despite enterprise developer program) to distribute (and sell!)apps is the main point for the developer program.

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An enrolled iOS Developer can take apps that they themselves compile and install them on stock iOS devices (up to 100 devices). Basically, it makes an iOS device useful to someone who want to code in something other than HTML5/JavaScript, or wants to runs programs on it that aren't available in the app store. You can also run apps you build under the GDB or LLDB debuggers on actual iOS ARM CPU hardware (not just simulate them on an x86 Simulator).

An enrolled developer occasionally gets access to beta and pre-release software from Apple (usually under NDA) that non-enrolled users don't.

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Correct. I enrolled only a couple of weeks ago, which gave me early access to the betas of Xcode 6, iOS 8 and I believe I can also get OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" (I'm waiting for the final release of that one, so I didn't really pay attention to the available downloads in that category). –  MetalMikester Jun 25 at 22:41
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Benefits of iOS app development are:

  1. iOS app are quick and easy to use. The layout is simple, with everything given a clear symbol and name, such as Settings or Camera.
  2. It has lots of high quality peripherals
  3. iOS gets a nice update every year and Android moves a little slower.
  4. iOS has a cultural advantage in Silicon Valleyas as the majority of the tech execs who decide how to allocate development resources are still iOS users.
  5. iOS users are more app-happy and free-spending than Android users.
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lots of personal opinions, no hard facts. Not a real answer. –  jwenting Jun 20 at 6:42
That doesn't answer the question at all. You're talking about iOS, he's asking about the iOS Developer Program. –  MetalMikester Jun 25 at 22:38
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