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I ask because I've seen a couple of OO PHP tutorials which do not adhere to this, but to me it just makes sense. It makes it easy to instantly see if a file is a class or not, if non-class files all use lowercase names.

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This is a naming convention question and whilst it is a good meta question it seems to have been well covered with this stackoverflow question from Dec 2008:

basically some languages have prescribed naming conventions e.g. Java whereas others (the majority) have evolved and are mixed to the point of Programmer's Holy Wars.

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To bad that link doesn't work anymore... that is why link answers are bad, even links to SO don't always stay live. – Arian Faurtosh Nov 14 '14 at 18:30

My 2c:

If the language doesn't force any conventions, and this includes things like indentation (not just naming). Then the important thing is consistency. Consistency is far more important than the choice of a good convention.

The existing answer answers your actual question.

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Another example of overactive moderating diminishing the usefulness of stackoverflow. Opinion-based answers are exactly what the poster was looking for, and if you can't find them here, then where? People looking for the same answer now get shut down due to this question being closed and the other "answer" being removed. The purpose of stackoverflow is for people to answer each others questions. Moderating is starting to work against that purpose. – Tim Hardy Mar 18 at 12:29

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