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I remember stumbling across an amusing graphic a year or so ago which demonstrated the tiers of web development. The back-end was shown as a tiny box, but the front end was shown as a huge box crammed with lots of front-end technologies like AJAX, DHTML.

This is all a vague recollection. Does anyone know where on the Intraweb this graphic might be? It was probably on a programming cartoon site, but I only view XKCD on a regular basis, and I couldn't find it on there.

Although tagged as fun, my request does have a productive edge to it - it would be quite useful in driving home to my colleagues how UI top-heavy web application development has become.

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This image from a classic Verity Stob article seems to fit the description.

web 2.0 app structure

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That's the one! Of course, being a regular reader of El-Reg, I should have known better :-) –  sohail Jan 12 '11 at 9:47

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