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I have recently completed my graduation and heading towards Post Graduation. I wanted to know that if I pass the OCJP certification will it be useful after 3 years. Or do I need to pass the latest OCJP again as my post graduation course will be of 3 years?

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It is useful as it shows you knew Java. And if you take the OCJPJP 7, it will likely be current (or one version back) in 3 years since it is such a new certification.

It may cause people to wonder whether you still remember it. You also don't know whether you will be looking for a Java job in 3 years.

What is your goal of taking the certification now?

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If you just got out of school, you should have coursework that demonstrates you know Java. You'd probably get more mileage out of that than studying for and taking a $300 test that's only good for a specific version of the language.

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