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seems the cherryPy have a standalone web server, is this suggested to deploy the application on Apache Server? or just use the standalone one? If so, any pros and cons between these decision? Thanks.

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I recommend running cherrypy behind a general-purpose web server such as apache or nginx. While cherrypy is a powerful tool, apache (or similar) is much better at some things, most notably:

  • static file serving
  • access control (HTTP authentication etc.)

For example, cherrypy can serve static files, but Apache can do it much faster (after all, that's what it was written for in the first place), and it offers a lot of flexibility, such as selecting alternative content based on Accept headers, caching, etc.

Additionally, you can add all sorts of tools - traffic analysers, load balancing, bandwidth throttling, subnet filters, etc., without changing your cherrypy application at all.

By running cherrypy behind a proper web server, you can focus on your core functionality, and leave the rest to proven technology.

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