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With Ruby on Rails I've usually used Forgery for generating dummy data for testing.

I've noticed recently that several clients and tutorials are using Faker

They both seem fairly similar in use and popularity:
Faker 128 forks, 418 watchers.
Forgery 59 forks, 399 watchers.

They both seem similar in how current they are:
Faker Most updates are from 6 and 9 months ago.
Forgery Most updates are from 4 and 9 months ago.

The one distinguishing factor I've found so far is that Forgery seems like it has better instructions.

Are there any particular benefits or disadvantages to using one over the other?
Have you ever needed to switch from one to another for a particular reason?

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I use Ffaker so I guess that's one for the Faker camp - I found the API docs to be plenty sufficient, it's not like it's a hugely technical process, generating fake data.

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any reason for using ffaker over faker? Thx. – Michael Durrant Jun 9 '12 at 16:00
Did you click the link? >_> – sevenseacat Jun 10 '12 at 3:46

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