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I want to work in real estate portal and I need to filter the result and list the properties in map view using openstreetmap (Client requirement). They gave this reference site . I started on yesterday only but the documentation and all I am not able to understand (as a beginner).

Can we implement like this using openstreetmap?

Where should I start at first?

Also I have seen some of the users recommended openlayers, leaflet, mapquest in help answers. Which one is best for my requirement openstreetmap or thirdparty api? Please guide me to complete this task. I don't know where I am and where I have to start?

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If you start from scratch, you may want to read an overview of what you are about to dive in: Geographic Information Systems. –  mouviciel Jun 21 '12 at 7:25
use openlayers for that. maybe geoExt will anso be interesting –  k102 Jun 21 '12 at 8:23
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Yes, you can definately do this with OSM.

Where to start: Whenever i am looking for something i haven't done with it yet, i go back browsing the examples page for something suitable. Then i look at the code and try to understand how it works by extending it or copying parts of it (maybe just to understand a certain feature better). This is the other page you'll be staring at many times the coming days...

Most important is to understand map.zoom/panTo, events triggered when the user interacts with the map and how to work with coordinates, in particular converting map coordinates to WSG84 (which is the default projection we all know from the world map - and which is used in many geolocation apis), so you can place your markers accordingly.

The rest, such as selecting the estate based on which marker was clicked, popup boxes, AJAX-enabled multi-drop-down filter would be a bit off-topic, as it all can be done with jQuery for instance.

Tell me if you have any further questions and i'll try to expand.

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