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The Golang "netchan" package seems to have been discontinued.

That makes me think that the concept of "networked channels" were not a good practice after all. (Why wouldn't them just "let it be" otherwise?)

Is this the case? And if it is, why is that?

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The old netchan was too intricate.

The problem is to find a way to provide Go channel semantics on top of network hardware and software that, as always, finds a way to defeat all attempts at clean design.

I will continue to ponder.


new netchan

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Thanks! I was reading a lot of messages from Rob Pike at Golang-nuts, but didn't find that one. So, it's not that channels aren't a good way to communicate and synchronize over the network, only that Rob was not satisfied with that API in particular. – Sebastián Grignoli Jun 23 '12 at 22:15

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