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I have recently developed a registry cleaner. But as far as I am concerned, there are already so many registry cleaners on the market, and some of them have won great popularity. Does that mean there is little chance for me to get my customers' attention? How can I make my software known by my targeted customers?

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It is really a strategy that needs to defined and followed to succeed in your goal. I just listed few of them that can be done right away in short run.

1) Identify your customer base and class of people who will be interested in your product.

2) First start with Free, Trial or Evaluation version

3) Look at blogs/social media where people are looking or discussing such type of a software

4) Listen to customer feed-backs. Implement most wanted/requested features asap

5) Be quick and responsive on BUG fixes and updates

6) Speak/Demo your product in open community events

7) Be presented in social media. For example: Create a Facebook Fan page and direct your user there. However, be very attentive with social media, having a serious outstanding bugs in the product may negatively effect your reputation. Think about pros and cons, and do this in a planned way.

There is a good talk series called "Startup:" with Scott Hanselman. Have a look to the archive page Technology talk that doesn't waste your time. I would suggest to listen and interview about start-up company and their product - GIBRALTAR SOFTWARE .

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In 1990 or so, Unix was the dominant OS, Windows was the rising star on the micro computers. Linus Torvalds had a reason to write his own OS. In a few newsgroup postings and emails, Linux was spreading wildly. Reading his posts from those days should be enlightening.

Today there are things like this place, The Hacker News, Slashdot, from where you could attract interest and host your code on github or such similar places.

Remember to explain your personal reasons for writing your own program instead of using existing ones.

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