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Assuming I have an applicant information entry screen, the number and types of fields on which can be defined by the system administrator, how do I go about counting the number of Internal Logical Files (ILFs) and Data Element Types (DETs) for the related data functions?

So far I have come up with something like this:

  • ILF #1 (control information): Field Metadata, 1 RET, ~3 DET (name, type, mandatory)
  • ILF #2 (business data): Applicant Data, most likely 1 RET, but how many DET? Of course I could count it as 2 DET (Field ref, Value), but I am not sure that would be correct

And when it comes to an External Input (EI), say, "Add New Applicant", things become even more complicated, because the number of DET corresponding to the user-editable fields is totally dependent on the control information in ILF #1, and I am out of ideas here...

Anyone fancy to help with that?

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I don't quite understand what you are programming: are you building a parametric database/input form generator? In that case a better bet should be to compute function points for the system administrator interface and the meta programming facilities, since you aren't actually programming the forms themselves but the form generator. If I am correct in my assessment then look at the complexity of the sysadmin interfaces: how does he add fields? what are the types of fields, how is the generator database going to be populated, how are you going to interface it with the client, how much can the database change once created? consider the function of your system is not using the forms but generating the forms.

If you're trying to script something simpler my previous suggestion could still point you in the right direction though, just think hard on who is the direct user of your program and what is it that the program generates.

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