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I want to know how to be a passionate programmer? What are the things that someone has to be focus to be a good programmer?

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There is NO straight answer like, do this => will get this.

However, primary point is you should be enjoying what you are doing! and not doing it just for good paycheck. Because, software development trends are changing very fast (new framework releases keeps spinning faster and faster) and you need to Learn, Learn and Learn every day to keep up with it.

There are some reading on this topic and a book - The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development that you look into.

However these two posts have some good advises as well:

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Stop looking for the perfect job, project or coworkers. If you can get everything else out of your mind and build something, you should be happy. Otherwise, find another profession or just get over it.

The act of programming and occassionally seeing someone use/benefit from what I've created keeps me going.

I will say if you feel you're being taken advantage of at your job, just keeping looking for a new one and work on the skills to get it.

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This has a lot to do with different personalities so I can't provide you with a definite answer.

Personally though, I find that having a principle and sticking to it will help you be passionate with pretty much most things. For example, I'm a little OCD and a perfectionist, so my principle is that there shouldn't be crappy code in any file I've worked on. If it's a personal project that I work on with no dead line, I find myself scratching and rewriting the project 2 or 3 times. Also, to avoid having to rewrite so much, that pushes me to find out and learn a lot about programming practices, architectures, and programming styles (e.g. Functional/Imperative/Aspect programming), etc.

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