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I have a year of experience in .Net but I have knowledge in basic stuffs like framework 2.0, java script and basics of sql server.

But in Industry there is no need of these basic stuffs, they want more than these but as we don't have live project, How to go about that...?

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Create your own live project )) –  superM Jul 6 '12 at 6:48

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A good way to gain more knowledge and experience in using a programming language is to work on your own small projects as you can learn a lot from this. (even if it's something that has been done before)

Looking at open source projects or small applications/examples and attempting to write your own version of them will also increase your understanding and experience.

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I agree, when I am learning something new I like to do a project using it. The easiest way is to follow a small project or a tutorial and then start expanding. Recently with some game development code, I started with their tutorial and then enhanced it with some regular features that a consistent across most games to get the concept down. –  kwelch Jul 6 '12 at 13:27

You could contribute to an open source project.

First play with it on your own, then start contributing patches or bug fixes, then implement new functionalities, ...

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I haven't worked on any open source project...can you suggest me some of the good open source..? –  Vishal Suthar Jul 6 '12 at 11:19

Let's face it - in any job there is no other way to learn than practicing. Some of skills are possible to upgrade in a "hobbyist" manner, some just not.

You can learn javascript and try to contribute to open source project, for example.

But if you are, say, an Oracle developer and writing software for banks it's quite naive to try to upgrade your skills in "background" mode.

Even if you want to contribute to open source (and this is by itself not applicable to all kinds of programmer activities we can think of), it not always possible to contribute something relevant sitting on the sofa with laptop - some environments demands complicated and expansive backends.

Also, to my experience, not always, but most likely the best open source contributor is actually a seasoned developer who actually learns a lot of things, and gets irritated by lot of other things, who had his own vision how products should be done.

So, to conclude, there are some jobs where it is hard to be a hobbyist. Astronaut, trucker and porn actor are good example of such jobs )))

Just try to get any job in industry you are interested in and then move on.

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