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I have to design a website which will have drag and drop features for creating an e-card. So you select items from a tool box and drag and drop this item on the card area. Once you have completed the design you can publish the e-card on the web by clicking "Save and publish" button.

What are the possible technologies for implementing this feature? The requirement is that the application should not degrade the performance of the website, and should not take much time in publishing once the user click "Save and publish" button.

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  1. Implement drag and drop
  2. Serialize into a hidden field (or an object if you're using ajax)
  3. Post information.

Also, Google works for these kinds of questions. There's a million and one plugins.

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Here are a few links you may find useful as a starting point:

Javascript drag and drop tutorial



Hope the above links help. There are a lot of tutorials and articles on the net that provide examples.

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