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I am thinking about creating a silverlight application, and I lack the skills to create a good looking UI.
Today's graphic designers usually know HTML and CSS and thus save me the trouble of doing something I am not very good with.
Is this the same case with XAML?
Do I have to hire two employees for this job?

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Silverlight is a pretty cool technology, but I'm seriously concerned about its future. However, if you want a cool UI done in XAML... you have several options.

  1. Hire a Silverlight/WPF dev and hope they also design / See #3

  2. Hire a UX designer with XAML skillz

  3. Hire a great graphic designer and then hire #1 OR you can use the built-in Ai/PSD to XAML tools in Expression Studio (design).

Tons of options, if you are a small company you may even qualify for Bizspark ( a free version of Expression Studio).

Good luck.

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thanks for the comment about it's future. – the_drow Oct 31 '10 at 10:10

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