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Hi We have a CMS application that lets people create websites under our domain. The system was built a few years ago and it used a method that transfers parameters such as website id, folder code and more using the url. this method created a giant url for every item in the website

For example: My domain is
A users website on my domain is
and every time that a user enters his website he gets a link like this and more.

We are trying to reduce the string size in the url. What are our options? can we show the user one url like a virtual one and still work the same with the old url? We are trying to locate a solution that wont make us rewrite our entire application.

the application is built in c# and the web server is iis 6. Thanks

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Actual programming questions should go on Stack Overflow, Server setup questions should go on Server Fault and web site operational questions should go on Webmasters. – ChrisF Nov 1 '10 at 9:05
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You might want to consider URL Rewrite (or friendly URL) techniques. IIS6 could be a little tricky though.

You can find lots of resource just by google-ing.

An example can be found in this SO post:

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You can refer following article:

One of my friend has used similar solution which is working great.

Gaurav Maniar MCP | MCSE | MCST | MCITP | ITILv3 Certified

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