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I’ve started my career as a Software Tester but after 3 years I realized, it didn’t give me the so called job satisfaction and I made a brave decision to jump into software development arena. Finally I have become an Android Mobile developer and completed 1 year of experience.

I love my job and I love every bit of it, but going forward I’m wondering what the scope for mobile developers is?? Developers who work with C# or Java have their larger scope and they can become architect etc in future. But as a mobile developer what can I achieve.. Mobile development architect is not something practical because mobile projects are small and it does not require much technical ability like j2ee project needs.

Should I change my career track to Java or j2ee or something from mobile?? Any advice is appreciated.

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I wouldn't say that there is no need for serious architecture in mobile development. It depends on the project you're working on. Look at the market. There are many expensive business applications, which require good skills and experience to develop.

I've developed an Android app with a team of 3 people, and we were working on it for 4 months, updating it and placing the new version on the market. The app required multiple threads, so we had to work on architecture to avoid problems with thread concurency.

I'd suggest you keep going into mobile deeper. Learn iOS development. It defers from Android a lot. Objective-C is very different from Java, it requires work with pointers, memory management, etc.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular every day. They change rapidly, adding new fetures all the time. So there is always something new to learn.

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I would suggest to do what you enjoy the most. If you feel to have a passion for mobile development go with it, otherwise find your golden plate. People do succeed when they enjoy doing their work.

Regarding current trend, i would say mobile ready web-development is becoming main stream. Thus, Html5/CSS3 are getting more and more importance. Native mobile support of current web applications is something that you may take into account, because demand for that is growing.

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If you feel, that you solving same task again and again - find way to create more generic solutions, like frameworks for mobile development. Then you will have to solve more serious problems, which requires architecture skills.

Also, when web development was starting - there were no frameworks. First sites were written without OOP and so on.. Modern sites require complex systems. Mobile development will be here soon also.

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