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I am a web developer and i want to take my web app to the cloud.Could anyone take me through the steps involved.Do they like have a lamp installation which they will assign to me or will i continue hosting my data and scripts?.

Are there fees associated with listing my app to the salesforce marketplace?


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You have to write the code specifically for SalesForce -- they use their own stack. If memory serves, their normal route for developers is to download a customized version of Eclipse (not sure if they've customized beyond providing a plug-in though), write code for their framework, and deploy to their servers. If memory serves, you can deploy one app for free, but after that you play.

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There isn't a fee for uploaded to the AppExchange. If you want to sell your program on the AppExchange however, you can use Salesforce provided checkout methods, which do cost you. They use Recurly. Check-out: where you can get more direct answers from SFDC developers.

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