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I am trying to track down a VS2010 extension that has the following features ...

  1. Ability to display a list of types/members etc that don't have either inline code comments or documentation comments (C# /// or VB ''')

  2. Ability to detect if a type's member contains comments for parameters that no longer exist or have been added due to refactoring for example.

  3. Has the ability to analyze the number of lines of code in a method or property and report weather there are enough inline code comments per x number of lines of code etc.

  4. Ability to manage consistent header comment templates (author & license info etc) across many code files and detect differences. Some files may fall under different licenses so the ability to group/filter/sort files based on file header would be nice.

  5. And the ability to filter, sort, etc in a tool window so I can run down the list and see what needs updating what still needs commenting, what methods could use more inline code comments etc

All my searches keep bringing up GhostDoc or some similar documentation generator for vs.net and that's not what I am specifically looking for.

The solution I am working on contains over 100+ game related projects as part of a ecosystem of tools and functionality. Some of the types are commented but some are not and some have been refactored but there documentation comments for parameters may no longer be accurate. I can't seem to find any addon or extension for VS2010 that can do what I described above.

With over a thousand code files I don't want to have to scan through each one manually to see what members need comments or need there comments to be updated etc.

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Has the ability to analyze the number of lines of code in a method or property and report weather - that's quite a wide range of functionality –  Konrad Morawski Aug 3 '12 at 17:53
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1 Answer

Stylecop will handle points 1 and 2. It's also quite extensible so you might be able to coerce it into handling 3 and 5 too.

NDepend will handle points 1, 3 and 5 and with a little effort, is extensible enough to meet all of your requirements in one tool.

Point 4 might be better handled by a tool such as Grep.

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