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Basically I would like to know how apps such as hotmail receive emails in realtime, without making periodic checks on the server - I've sent an email to myself from outlook with hotmail open and saw this in the console a couple of seconds later -

GET http://sn108w.snt108.mail.live.com/mail/messageshelper.mvc

the contents of which is the html to update, but I'd like to know what listens for the get request which presumably fires some javascript to update the dom?

My question isn't specific to hotmails methodolgy in fact far from it as they will be working on the .NET platform whereas my proficiencies (if you can call them that!) are in the LAMP stack but any reading material on the subject would be great, thanks!

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There are many many ways to achieve something like this.

  • You can use WebSockets - for real time communication.
  • You can use polls - 'ping' the server every N seconds asking if there has been a change and update accordingly.
  • Use long polling.
  • Use Comet implementation (very hard to do)
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Thank you, after some brief reading WebSockets is exactly what I wanted –  Keir Lavelle Aug 14 '12 at 16:48
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In modern browsers this is typically done with WebSockets. In older browsers it can be done with long polling.

I've read that WebSockets is what's used on this site for the live updating of lists, edits, reputation, etc.

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