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I am sending my CV to different companies and some of them have replied asking me to complete a test to have an idea of my skills. I wonder if the time to respond to this email is key factor for being selected?

I have a job now and I need to take my spare time to answer that questions. So, I don't know if I should take time to respond the questions carefully or try to respond them in the same day, even is that implies not to sleep too much that night.

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As an aside, you should be given a rough estimate of how long the assignment should take. If not, try and get this. It will help you to properly plan out the work rather than jumping straight into "no sleep" mode. –  Burhan Ali Aug 20 '12 at 13:18
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How you handle communications with a future employer is most definitely considered within the selection process.

There are two parts you need to consider for these requests:

  1. Acknowledging the request
  2. Completing the assignment

Don't assume that the only means to acknowledge the request is by completing the assignment.

Instead, reply back within a reasonable period of time and suggest a completion date for the assignment. In addition to acknowledging the request, this buys you time to schedule the test to your convenience. (Good) Employers understand that you can't always immediately respond to an email and that you may have other things going on in your life so you can't take the test right then and there.

You don't want to delay too long in taking the test unless you have a valid reason that you explain to the potential employer. Likewise, you want to make sure you do your best on the test. You won't be given any slack for sloppy performance even if you took it immediately upon request. They are using it to screen you out, so do your best to pass it and move to the next stage of interviewing.

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With these tests there tends to be a deadline, MEET THE DEADLINE. I've never seen a place that cares about speed if they aren't sitting over your shoulder, use all of your resources to produce the best responses to the tests that you can. If/when they want to see you code under pressure they'll hover like flies on stink, but until then use all of the time allowed.

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